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Over 22,000 Employees Across More than 25 Countries

The Axel Johnson Group has a long tradition of building and developing companies around the world. The group has total revenues from wholly and partially owned businesses of $13 billion and consists of three separate and financially independent groups of companies.

Axel Johnson AB

AB ImageBuilds and develops businesses within trade and services in the European market, with an emphasis on the Nordic region. It is estimated that every day more than one million people come into contact with employees or the products and services of Axel Johnson AB. Sales for the wholly and partially owned companies in Axel Johnson AB were approximately $8 billion in 2015.


AxFast AB

NYC5Owns and develops commercial properties in Stockholm and properties for trade and logistics in Sweden. The market value of AxFast’s holdings totaled approximately $1 billion in 2015.


AltoCumulus AB

altocumulsThe asset management entity of the Axel Johnson Group, focusing on long-term, value-oriented investments within public equities, hedge funds and private equity.


Axel Johnson Inc.

20Owns and develops companies with a focus on the energy, water, medical technology, housing, and building product sectors. Though based in North America, the companies of Axel Johnson Inc. compete in markets around the world. Sales for Axel Johnson Inc. were approximately $3.9 billion in 2015.


While legally and financially independent from one another, the three members of the Axel Johnson Group actively seek out opportunities that are mutually beneficial and share an extensive business network with activities that span the globe. The spirit of cooperation is the cornerstone of the Axel Johnson Group’s growth and success – past, present and future.

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