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Good Values Make Good Business

We believe that private business is one of the most powerful
forces for change in society today and that we all have a central role in shaping the environment in which we want to live tomorrow.

Our Commitments


Competing aggressively but fairly. Integrity and honesty govern all of our actions.


Providing a workplace that is challenging, collegial, and caring to foster personal and financial growth.


Drawing strength from diversity in people, perspectives and ideas.


Leading our industries in environmentally responsible products, processes and facilities management.


At Axel Johnson, we believe that we improve our prospects for long-term operating success and ownership return when we make a positive contribution to the people whose lives we touch – our employees, our customers, our suppliers and our communities. Therefore, sustainable decision making is a central tenet in how we go about building and developing profitable businesses.

For us, sustainability means ensuring the long-term availability and re-vitalization of the resources we employ. Whether the resources are the materials we put into our products, the energy we use to run our facilities, or the people we employ to serve our customers, sustainable decision-making means making choices that maximize efficiency, reduce waste, and enhance productivity at every turn. With this mindset we realize greater returns from our efforts, and we ensure our ability to compete tomorrow and into the future.

Learn about how we work towards a green future.

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Community Involvement

Kinetico partners with Drink Local, Drink Tap to support water projects both locally and globally.
Skjodt Barrett participates in the Reebok Ragnar Relay Niagra to support Knights Table, a local organization assisting people dealing with poverty and homelessness.

As investors, we seek investment opportunities where we can use our skill set to help new, community-based initiatives grow as a way of giving back both locally and globally.

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Code of Conduct

We have summarized our core values in our internal Code of Conduct

This document is meant to highlight some of the more important elements of our responsibilities and the potential we have to manifest our values when working together as a team. It is a guideline for ethically sound behavior, an expression of our core beliefs, and a way to describe what we expect from all our colleagues in the context of our work together.

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