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Good for People and Planet, Good for Profit

Sustainable decision making is a central tenet in how we go about building and developing profitable businesses.


Sustainability is an integrated part of how we at Axel Johnson exercise our ownership. First, because we firmly believe that business is one of the most powerful sources for change in society and second, because we are aware that what we create, and how we act when doing so, is the legacy that we will leave behind us. But sustainability for us also means increasing the return on our investments through increased efficiency, managing business related risks and driving innovation within our companies. Innovation that enables us to run our operations more efficiently and to develop new, even more sustainable products and services that increase our ability to compete in the future.

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Our Sustainability Strategy

In 2013, to formalize how sustainability is an integrated part our ownership model, we adopted the Axel Johnson Strategy for Sustainable Business. It describes how our decision making is influenced by our focus on developing a Sustainable Customer Offering, being an Employer of Choice, striving for Sustainable Production and for Resource Efficient Operations.

This strategy also includes goals and structures for how we drive the sustainability agenda in our group companies. We support the companies’ own sustainability work through ensuring that there are adequate structures in place that support the integration of sustainability into their business processes, through regularly following up sustainability related KPIs, through awareness making and through capacity building. Examples of sustainability KPIs tracked throughout the group are; energy consumption, waste management, diversity and new service and product developments with a sustainable character.

Group Collaboration and Management

Since we continuously make new acquisitions, our group companies will always include a combination of companies with well-developed sustainability work and those which are less mature. Regardless of the companies’ present structures, we facilitate collaboration throughout the group through our Sustainability Work Group that includes 1-2 representatives per company. This group collaborates through joint projects, bi-annual meetings and work towards common goals. The group representatives report back to the management of each company who has the final operational responsibility for each company’s sustainability work. We also have an ongoing dialogue with each company’s management teams to be able to offer our support, capacity building and practical tools.

Within Axel Johnson, these activities are led by our Sustainability Director who is part of our management team and reports directly to our President and CEO.

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