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An Expanding Portfolio

We are continually looking to expand our AJI family of companies. Our first priority is always to find the right kind of company and leadership. We are less concerned with the specific products or services offered than we are with the structural attractiveness of the industry in question, and the character and competitive position of the company under consideration.

When AJI acquired Kinetico in 2007, the company was an established and profitable company, with revenue growth averaging over 9% annually.

Healthy Businesses

Ideal candidates for inclusion in our group of companies are profitable and growing businesses that have proven themselves over time and have the potential to achieve much more through continued hard work and additional investment.

Attractive Long-Term Fundamentals

We are looking for companies that compete in markets with attractive long-term fundamentals, drawing on a base of assets and skills that will enable them to sustain competitive advantage over time.

We believe that the laboratory automation market is healthy, growing, and differentiated, with significant opportunities for after market services.

The Right Ownership Context

While our ownership stake varies across our portfolio of companies, we often begin a new business relationship in a minority position – where majority ownership remains highly concentrated among one or more owners who are not interested in an outright sale and, instead, favor a gradual transition that respects and preserves what they have built over the years. While we will consider being the outright buyer of a business, our ideal circumstance is one in which a still-committed founder feels that outside capital, experience and support can help the company pursue a new growth opportunity, or allow for partial liquidity to family members or other partners.

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